AgeGrouper Launches formable™

The first dedicated platform for run and swim form analysis.


We are incredibly excited to announce the launch of formable™, a dedicated platform for run and swim form analyses.

Since AgeGrouper’s inception, we’ve had the privilege of connecting with so many incredible people within the endurance sports community. We’ve collaborated with experts, heard stories from athletes and gained an understanding of what our triathletes want and need. 

A recurring theme that kept popping up in our conversations was the need for guidance specific to each athlete’s unique training needs. Regularly, we’d get the questions, “Do you know any coaches that could look at my running form?,” or “…assess my swim stroke?” 

You spoke, we listened. And today, we are thrilled to bring you formable™

OUR GOALS WITH formable™ :

  • Build awareness of the importance of form and technique development in endurances sports
  • Provide access to some of the world’s best coaches 
  • Share personalized guidance so athlete’s can become stronger, faster, prevent injury and increase sustainability in their sport
  • Offer technology that makes scheduling and conducting remote sessions easy


We believe that proper form guidance is instrumental for athletes to maximize their athletic performance as well as mitigate potential injury from imbalance or overuse. We want to give all athletes direct access to experts in their field to help refine their form and ensure longevity in the sports they love.

Schedule a one on one session with a professional coach at your convenience and in the comfort of your own home. Remote video conferencing and state-of-the-art video markup software make assessments simple.  

Your coach will provide a personalized assessment of your biomechanics, identify key areas to address and provide training to match your unique needs.



formable™ coaches were hand-selected based on coaching experience, knowledge in their field and accomplishments in their sport(s). formable™ is proud to announce its partnerships with Lisa Becharas, Dan Daly, Pedro Gomes, Markus Marthaler, Kurt Perham, Stefano Rezato, Mark Saroni, Mike Trees, Reggie Waller and Elizabeth Waterstraat.

“As coaches, our goal is to provide the tools, guidance and customized training to help athletes maximize their energy outputs and optimize performance,” says Markus Marthaler, formable™ swim coach and former swim pro. “Through this process, we will share insights and corrective measures to help them strengthen areas of weakness, creating more efficient athletes.”

Head over to today to book your first session.