Feature Stories

In this multi part series, we’ll be highlighting a few of our favorite local races

Pro triathlete turned pro MTB/gravel racer, Angela Naeth, shares how off-road cycling is the perfect

Triathlon and comedy, two things @triathlon.tim aka Tim Frisch does really well.

How Bob McRae raced pro in his mid 50s, showing us that age is just

How doctor, age group athlete and former college football player Dr. Tommy Martin found love

Elite age group wheelchair marathon racer Sandy Dailey shows us that true strength comes from

Age group world champion Jenna-Caer Seefreid shows us the only limits that exist are the

Las Vegas Shooting Survivor and Age Group triathlete Christina Gruber has tackled Some of the

Inspired Age Group Athlete, Heather Bedinger, Tackles Triathlon Backed by Support Team.

Swimming gave Markus Marthaler a constructive outlet to channel his ADHD, now he'll use that

Former Collegiate Swimmer, Kate Krause, Brings Educational Swim Programs to Those Who Need it Most

AgeGrouper Kendra Frigo shares how she conquered her fear of open water using a multi-step

Nick Langer carries on the Hoyt legacy, racing with his daughter with special needs and

Triathlon gives Sarah Kerr something to call her own.

AgeGrouper Parker Kerth’s family history of addiction sets him down a straight and narrow path

Age group marathon runner Milo James took a leap of faith, leaving everything behind to

For AgeGrouper and CEO of PowerBar Sport Eric Zaltas, a new triathlon chapter in

AgeGrouper Alex Mathew turned his life around on a bet with a coworker which lead

Ultra marathoner Andrew Glaze shares how its not just about smiling through the pain, but

What to expect and how to best prepare yourself for a healthy recovery experience.

Triathlon Age Grouper Carolyn Carter shares how her mindset superpower is what gets her across

Triathlon AgeGrouper Sabrina Somarribas shares lessons and learnings from her path from 5k to Ironman

Jeff Melgaard’s Cautionary Journey from Kona Hopeful to Completely Burnt Out

Christina Ekonomi shares her story of how triathlon training helped her conquer anxiety and create

AgeGrouper Angie Jackson went from not being able to swim, to training to become an

AgeGrouper Jonathan Schwartz tells us how he has overcome multiple setbacks to realize his dream,

AgeGrouper Paul Capuzzo opens up about getting back on the bike after his debilitating crash.