Our Team


Founder and CEO

Matt Schuster (affectionately known by most as just “Schu”) is the Founder and CEO of AgeGrouper Media Group. While Schuster has been a lifelong athlete, he only discovered triathlon and structured training in his late 30’s. The experience was so overwhelmingly positive that he wanted to create a platform for others to learn and share in the sport. 

He started AgeGrouper to help soften the barriers to entry, and to celebrate and educate athletes and triathletes in an effort to grow the sport of triathlon. “Real athletes are those getting up at 4am to fit in a workout before responsibility takes over. There are no screaming fans, no endorsement deals or paychecks, they do it for the love of the sport and to challenge the only competitor that matters, themselves.””. 

He has a background in advertising and sales and previously served as the CRO of an advertising/tech startup. He and his wife, Rachel, have two boys who keep them busy running, swimming and cycling around town. 


Co-Founder and Head of PR and Communications

Rachel Schuster is the co-founder of AgeGrouper with husband and CEO Matt Schuster. As a marathon runner, she knows the positive physical and mental effect endurance sports can have on an individual. Watching Matt assimilate into triathlon first hand, she is also well aware of the barriers to entry of the sport. With a background in communications and public relations, she sees the opportunity to make triathlon more approachable through inspiring, educational and motivational content. When she’s not out running, or running the ship at AgeGrouper, she’s being a super mom to their two boys. 


Avery Meiners

Marketing and Social Media Intern

Avery Meiners is an Intern for AgeGrouper and is currently a college athlete studying at Kutztown University. She grew up surrounded by athletics and was a “walk-on” for her University’s track team. With that not being enough she began running Cross Country as well as the lacrosse team.  Now a three-sport collegiate athlete, she understand the benefits of endurance training first hand.  Avery is studying Communications, Public Relations, and Social Media Strategy and will graduate in 2024.


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