Engo Eyewear Sport Smartglasses Overview

Smart Glasses that Provide Instant, Effortless, Frictionless Access to your training data right when you need it.

Engo Smart Glasses that Provide Instant, Effortless, Frictionless Access to Data

It’s an exciting time for the endurance sports industry. Racing is back in full swing, and there are more participants than ever before. So it comes as no surprise that we are seeing an influx of innovative technological breakthroughs hit the market; from real time blood glucose monitoring devices to automatic air pressure regulators on road bikes to sleek, smart glasses. 

To help navigate this exciting and growing space, we’ll be shining a light on a handful of new technologies over the next couple months. 

Engo Smart Glasses that Provide Instant, Effortless, Frictionless Access to Data

The Engo Eyewear Sport Smartglasses

As data tracking technologies continue to impress and amaze, one area that has remained relatively stagnant over the years, in terms of innovation, is data access.
Until now.

In 2021, Engo Eyewear released a product that displays real-time performance data directly into your line of view. The Engo  sports smartglasses uses Micro LED technology designed by parent company MicrOLED, a leader in the miniaturized display industry.

Engo believes they have achieved the right combination of functionality, fit and durability.

“If you’re in a structured training program, keeping pace is key. Checking your watch or computer too frequently will disrupt mechanics,” said Mark Prince, Engo’s GM and Chief Commercial Officer. “The great irony is you have to slow down to look at your data. It’s not easy to be at full threshold and look at your watch or computer.”

These glasses put all your key data points directly into your field of view much in the same way you would have access to this data on a treadmill or using a bike training app such as Zwift.

They’ve also built in a motion sensor with gesture controls to turn the display on and off with a wave of the hand.

Real time access to data could open up an entire world of possibilities. Prince shared, “Imagine you could bring the same data you receive on Zwift and Peloton—in terms of performance—against peers into the real world, in real time.”
The possibilities of gamification are enormous. Most endurance athletes are naturally competitive, so seeing that performance in real time will certainly give those wearing the glasses a distinct advantage.

Engo Smart Glasses that Provide Instant, Effortless, Frictionless Access to Data

The Tech

Engo’s ActiveLook technology houses a miniature display that projects data screens directly onto the natural lens of the glasses. Using their proprietary technology, Engo is able to house the majority of their hardware in the nose bridge and top frame of the glasses. 

Engo glasses pair with bike computers, GPS watches, smart phones and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. 

​​Engo’s lenses automatically adjust to changing light, providing clarity and 100% UV protection in all conditions.

Look and Feel

Engo created smart glasses that look and feel good to wear. 

“Our glasses are completely symmetrical and look like normal sports glasses,” said Prince. “They don’t make you look like a cyborg. Your friends wouldn’t even know there was tech in them.” 

The glasses weigh in at only 42 grams, lighter than a pair of RayBan Original Wayfarers, offering comfort for all-day wear. They have a flexible nosepiece and temples, allowing customizable fit for each individual face. 

Engo Smart Glasses that Provide Instant, Effortless, Frictionless Access to Data


Can these glasses hold up to the demands of the outdoor enthusiast? 

Rain in the forecast? No problem. “We have had them third party tested for water resistance,” said Prince. They achieved an IP 54 rating which in layman’s terms, means they are suitable for riding in light rain, on dusty terrain and can withstand most commuting conditions.

The Engo Sport Sunglasses battery has a range of 10 to 12 hours, which will get you through even your longest runs or rides.


Engo is committed to making their glasses accessible to as many athletes as possible. Currently priced at $395 USD, these smart glasses fall within the range of other high end sport glasses. Within the year, Engo plans to lower the price even more.

Customer Satisfaction

Engo offers an unconditional satisfaction warranty on the product. “We are committed to customer satisfaction,” Prince shared. Engo offers a 30 day risk free trial, 100% fit guarantee and a one year warranty. Giving these glasses a try comes at virtually no risk to the consumer.