Triathlon Training: Best Podcasts to Listen to During a Long Workout

Learn and train at the same time, we’ve aggregated our top podcast recommendations for your next long run or ride.

Top podcasts for triathlon training

Did you know that when athletes train while listening to music or a podcast, they’re more likely to have better workouts? Corianne Rogalsky, an assistant professor of speech and hearing science at Arizona State University, studied how the brain reacted to music and words in general and saw that it triggered an emotional response. 

So what can you listen to that will put you in that positive emotional state, thus enhancing your performance? Sometimes, playlists just don’t cut it. What about a podcast? And since you’re more likely to have great workouts when you’re listening to something inspirational and positive, it’s important to pick the right ones. 

The Inside Tri Show

Viewers often leave reviews for this podcast that say that it’s the most inspirational podcast that they listen to. Host and seasoned athlete, Helen Murray, knows what kinds of questions to ask her guests about the high-performance lifestyle. 

This podcast is great for those who want to be entertained, feel inspired and motivated. 

The Zen and the Art of Triathlon Podcast

Since this podcast is hosted by the ultra-endurance athlete Jeff Blankner, this is a popular podcast for anyone who loves extreme sports. Not only does Jeff talk about what it takes to be a great performer, but he also covers topics related to mindset and lifestyle. 

He is great at offering actionable tips to listeners and relevant advice about things such as how to show up for your family as an ultra-endurance athlete, working through injuries and the logistics of travel. 

The Endurance Planet Podcast

This is one of the longest-running podcasts. Not only is it popular among endurance athletes, but it resonates with other types of athletes as well. 

The podcast features conversations with coaches, sports scientists and academics. Guests talk about topics that range from exercise programs to recovering from injuries.

Since the podcast has a strong presence on social media, it’s easy for those who aren’t able to listen to every episode to stay informed about recent guests and important topics. 

The Rich Roll Podcast

Rich Roll is an inspiring interviewer who speaks with guests who have incredible amounts of lived experience. Most of the episodes last for more than ninety minutes…the conversations get deep. 

Roll often shares about his own life experiences that helped him grow into who he is. As someone who became an ultra-athlete later in life after struggling with addiction, he has a deep knowledge of what it takes to dramatically change one’s life. 

Conversations on the podcast often focus on topics such as wellness, self-actualization and how to be a high-performance athlete while having a plant-based diet. 

The Weekly Word Podcast

Even though this podcast started off with a focus on ultra-endurance, it has since shifted the focus to inspire athletes of all types across the world. 

One of the most valuable things that host Chris Hauth covers on this podcast is the subject of training. He gives listeners clear action steps, tips and advice to help athletes become better at training and at racing. 

Along with being an ultra-endurance athlete and podcast host, Chris Hauth is also a renowned coach for Ironman athletes.  

The Triathlon Taren Podcast

This is a great podcast to listen to if you’re looking for a good source of news and current events for triathlon athletes who are in the process of training or are looking for their next big event to compete in. 

The podcast hosts, Taren and Kim Gesell, have great on and off-air chemistry. Each episode is filled with entertaining banter which makes it a fun podcast to listen to. 

They release a new podcast every Sunday night. 

The MX Endurance Podcast

The host of this podcast, Chris “Macca” McCormack, does not censor himself or hold back when he shares his experiences and perspectives. As a two time winner of the Kona Ironman World Championship, McCormack is one of the most famous triathletes out there. 

Even though the podcast features edgy conversations, they are usually educational as well. 

The Humans of Triathlon Podcast

This podcast has three different hosts, each of whom lives on different continents. All of the hosts grew up with different cultural backgrounds and in different generations. They cover many different subjects and invite a diversity of opinions and perspectives. 

The Same 24 Hours

This podcast is inspired by one simple premise: that no matter who we are, we all have twenty-four hours in a day. How you choose to spend these twenty-four hours determines how successful, happy and healthy you will be. It’s a great podcast to listen to if you want to be inspired. 

The Positive Psychology Podcast 

For those looking for a positive mindset podcast, check out this one by Host Kristen Truempy. With a masters in applied positive psychology, Truempy is proficient in turning scientific and analytical data into digestible nuggets for her non academic listeners. She uses positive psychology tools and exercises to help listeners tune out the negative thoughts that invade the brain and negatively affect actions.